Professional Products

Products for professional and industrial Applications

Our VMagic OEM products were designed especially for OEM customers. The MPEG capture and compression cards fulfil all demands of professional video applications e.g. in the fields medical applications, nonlinear video editing, video server, video archives and surveillance.

Instead of a software with graphical user interface VMagic OEM products are shipped with a windows DLL providing an API. Documentation of API functions and a sample application written in C++ are also included so you can easily integrate video capture and hardware MPEG compression into your application.

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VMagic OEM

VMagic OEM Logo

The VMagic OEM is a MPEG-1/2 capture and compression card designed for PCI bus. It contains two analogue s-video inputs and a stereo audio input. Additionally to high quality MPEG-2 hardware compression the card supports DirectX live video in a window. Useful support functions make the VMagic OEM an ideal choice wherever video capture and compression is needed.

VMagic OEM intern

VMagic OEM intern Logo

In professional and industrial applications sometimes it's necessary to use unusual computer casings. For that we developed the VMagic OEM intern. The MPEG-1/2 capture and compression card for PCI bus comes with a closed PCI bracket. All analog inputs connectors (1x s-video, 1x composite video, 1x audio) are located on the board so video sources can be connected inside the computer casing.


VMagic OEM HD Logo

The VMagic OEM HD is the successor of the VMagic OEM and takes MPEG video compression to the HD century. The card is capable of compressing analogue and digital video signals up to 1080p30 / 1080i60 to high quality MPEG-2. In addition, the VMagic OEM HD offers sophisticated preprocessing of the incoming video including deinterlacing, scaling, filtering, mirroring, overlay and a programmable LUT for both luma and chroma. The card even supports decoding of MPEG and outputs decompressed video via analogue s-video, SDI and DVI.